JASO/ACCJ共催 駐大阪・神戸米国総領事歓迎レセプション JASO/ACCJ Joint USCG Allen S. Greenberg Welcome Reception



JASO and ACCJ held a Joint Welcome Reception for USCG Allen S Geenberg, supported by Japan-America Society of Kobe, Kyoto, Wakayamma and JAWK International at Kobe Portpia Hotel. Following the welcome remarks by ACCJ Pesidnet Jay Ponazecki, JASO President Mr. Kuroda, Mr. Greenberg, newly-appointed in August as his second-time mission to Japan, accompanied by his wife Mrs. Haruko Greenberg, gave an impassioned speech as USCG of Kansai with an incredible sense of humor, which received generous applause by the attendees. Friendly exchanges were made over great food prepared by the Kobe Portpia Hotel’s chef.


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