JASOゴルフ大会 JASO Golf Competition 2013









優勝はOUT 48 ,IN 47 ,GROSS 95, H.D 21.6,  NET 73.4 で香川武一さんが獲得され,




On June 2, we had JASO golf competition at Arima Royal Golf Club.  JASO golf competition has been held annually since 1965, except intervals affected by the earthquakes in Hanshin and Tohoku.

As this year’s tsuyu or the rainy season came early than usual by 10 days or so, the weather was a main concern of the organizer.  However, the day was moderately cloudy - rather a good condition for playing golf - and 15 members including 4 ladies, grouped in 4 parties, demonstrated their skills for winning the JASO cup.

As a result, the cup was won by Mr. Takeichi Kagawa with an excellent score of OUT48, IN47, GROSS, HD21.6, NET73.4 and the last year’s winner Mr. Kohji Ebihara presented the cup to him.

We look forward to many entries from golf playing members for the next year’s competition.


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