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アーリントンカップ2013観戦を掲載しました  The Arlington Cup 2013 is up


We have put up a report on  “The Arlington Cup Race 2013” held on Feb.23 at our ”Activity Report.”



4月6日(土)フィールド・トリップ申込締め切りのお知らせ The Entry for the Filed Trip on April 6 has been closed




We have closed the entry for the Filed Trip visiting Hirano Shrine in Kyoto and Suntory Yamazaki Distillery scheduled on Saturday, April 6, as the number of signees reaches 40.  Thank you so much.



フィールド・トリップのご案内 Field Trip in Kyoto and Yamzaki Distillery








日時:   2013年4月6日(土) 集合「阪急大宮駅B1東改札口」10:00出発 


スケジュール:  10:0010:30 貸切バスで平野神社へ移動 

                             10:3011:30 自由行動 平野神社の桜を鑑賞 

                             11:3013:00 昼食 「上七軒くろすけ」

                             13:0014:00 貸切バスでサントリー山崎蒸溜所へ移動

                             14:3016:00 サントリー山崎蒸溜所見学&ウイスキーセミナー

会費:   会員 \5,000/非会員 \7,000 (バス代、昼食代を含む)

定員:   40名(申込順に受け付け)

服装:   動きやすい服装・歩きやすい履物 








Field Trip in Kyoto

“Hirano Shrine’s Cherry Blossom and Suntory Yamazaki Distillery”




     We are organizing a Field Trip “Hirano Shrine’s Cherry Blossom and Suntory Yamazaki Distillery” on Saturday, April 6, 2013.  In the morning, we will visit Hirano-Shrine, Kyoto, particularly famous for its magnificent cherry blossom with more than 400 cherry trees, some of which are from the Heian period.  We will have lunch at “Kurosuke,” a Japanese restaurant in a beautiful ochaya setting some 120 years old, located in the Kami-shichi-ken district where you might spot a Maiko-san walking down a narrow passage between old houses.  After the lunch we will move to Suntory’s Yamazaki Distillery by a chartered bus, and we will have a guided-tour about the production of whisky, followed by a special seminar including tasting of some of the whiskies just taken out from the casks.



     This event is limited to 40 people on a first-come-first-served basis, and the entry will be closed when the number of signees reaches 40.



Date & time:                Saturday, April 6 


                                  Meeting at the “East ticket gate”(Higashi Kaisatsu) in Hankyu Omia station  (B1) at 10:00 / breaking up at around 16:30


Schedule:                    10:0010:30 Move to Hirano-Shrine by a chartered bus 

                                    10:3011:30 Visiting Hirano-Shrine (free time)

                                    11:3013:00 Lunch at “Kurosuke” in Kami-shichi-ken

                                    13:0014:00 Move to Suntory Yamazaki Distillery by a chartered bus

                                    14:3016:00 Guided tour around Yamazaki Distillery and a special seminar


Fee:                            Member 5,000 yen / Non-member 7,000 yen


Availability:                 40on a first-come-first-served basis


Dress:                         Casual & walking shoes 


Please sign up by either Fax or Email using the form provided from JASO Executive Office.   

Signees will receive maps and a detailed schedule later.







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