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ホストファミリー説明会  Host Family Orientation








日時: 2012年11月15日(木) 16:00~18:00

場所: ウェスティンホテル大阪 4F「舞」

料金: 無料


お申込み方法: お名前と連絡先を添えてファックスかEmailでお申込みください。

Fax: 06-6346-0178  Email: jaso@suntory.co.jp


締め切り: 11月8日(木)



16:05 - 16:45     各大学・団体のホストファミリープログラムについて説明(各10分)

16:45 - 17:00     コーヒーブレーク・休憩

17:00 - 17:45     留学生とホストファミリーの座談会

17:45 - 18:00     質疑・応答



We are pleased to announce that JASO will organize a “Host Family Orientation” on Thursday, November 15 at the Westin Osaka.

Recently, the number of families who are assuming the role of “host family”- taking in an oversea student as its family member – is said to be in decline.  In the first half of the session, we will have presentations from universities (and an organization) on their host family programs. In the second part, after a coffee break, we will discuss with panels of students and those experienced host family, various issues relating to becoming host family or staying with a Japanese family as a student.  Admission for this event is FREE.

Also, as this event is held just prior to Thanksgiving Day Dinner in the same hotel, those who attend Host Family Orientation, which is free of charge, would find it convenient to attend the Thanksgiving party as well.  We look forward to your participation.



Date & Time: November 15, 2012  16:00~18:00

Venue: The Westin Osaka 4F  Room “Mai”

Fee: free


Sign-up: Send your name and phone number to JASO Executive Office via email or Fax by no later than Thursday, November 8.

                     Fax: 06-6346-0178  Email: jaso@suntory.co.jp



16:05 - 16:45     Presentation from universities and AFS

16:45 - 17:00     Coffee break

17:00 - 17:45     Panel discussion by the students and host families

17:45 - 18:00     Q & A session



感謝祭パーティのご案内 Thanksgiving Day Dinner







日時              2011年11月15日(木)  18:45~20:30 (開場 18:30)

場所              ウェスティンホテル大阪 4F 「花梨」

参加費          JASO&ACCJ会員 5,000円 (非会員 7,000円)/学生 2,000円




※ 申込み用紙は事務局までお問合せください。


主催: 大阪日米協会/在日米国商工会議所関西支部

後援: 駐大阪・神戸米国総領事館/関西日米婦人会/神戸日米協会


協力: ウェスティンホテル大阪




We are pleased to announce that we will hold Thanksgiving Day Dinner co-hosted with ACCJ (American Chamber of Commerce in Japan) on Thursday, November 15 at the Westin Osaka.

JASO and ACCJ, Kansai jointly invite you to an authentic Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  Please sign up now to share once a year celebration.  With food and drinks galore, you will definitely go home being “thankful” for the party!



Date & Time:       Thursday, November 15  18:45~20:30 (doors open at 18:30)

Venue:                 The Westin Osaka  4F “Karin Room”

Fees:                    JASO Member 5,000 yen (non-member 7,000 yen)/Student 2,000 yen



Fill in the form (to be provided from the JASO office) and send back to us via fax or email no later than Thursday, Nov. 8.

Sign-up fee must be paid through bank transfer by Thursday, Nov. 8.


Organizers: The Japan-America Society of Osaka and The American Chambers of Commerce in Japan, Kansai

Patronized by U.S. Consulate General Osaka-Kobe, Japan America Women of Kansai,

The Japan-America Society of Kobe, Osaka-San Francisco Sister Treaty 55 Years Anniversary Committee

Cooperated by the Westin, Osaka



フィールドトリップ「大阪街歩き」をアップ Walk Tour’s report is up


We have put up a report on the walk tour “Discovering America-Related Places in Osaka” held on Sept.29 at ”Activity Report.”


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