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Japanese Culture Workshop Day  日本文化まるごと体験DAY

恒例となりました、大阪日米協会ユース・サポート委員会企画による「第6回 日本文化まるごと体験DAY」を関西大学様と共催にて下記のとおり実施いたします。







◎日時:2017年10月22日(日)  10:00~16:00

◎場所:   関西大学100周年記念ホール

◎料金:   無料

◎お申込: Eメールにて「名前」「電話番号」「国籍」「(留学先)大学名」を記入し、ysc@artunion.co.jp までお申込ください。




We are pleased to announce that we will have a  JASO cultural exchange program “Japanese Culture Workshop DAY” on Sunday, October 22, 2017.  Cosponsored by JASO and Kansai University, it will be held at Kansai University Centenary Memorial Hall.

In “Japanese Culture Workshop Day,” 11 workshops featuring traditional Japanese cultural practices “Calligraphy” ”Tea ceremony” “Ikebana” “Samurai Sword Fighting”  “Ken-Dama” “Tombo-Dama” “Origami”  “Wagashi” “Chigirie””Japanese Kimono Dressing” “Ogasawara-ryu School of Etiquette” will be set up in order to give international students hands-on experience in the traditional Japanese culture. And you can enjoy traditional Japanese performances on stage; Japanese drum performance.Please sign-up and join us.


Japanese Culture Workshop Day

Co-Organized by:  Japan-America Society of Osaka and Kansai University


◎ Date & time:        Sunday, October 22, 2017            10:00 – 16:00

◎ Venue:   Kansai University Centenary Memorial Hall

◎ Fee:        Free of charge

* To sign-up for the workshop, please send your name, Tel#, Nationality and University’s name studying in Japan to ysc@artunion.co.jp by Email


Email address:  ysc@artunion.co.jp



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