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2021年度 「理事会」に関するご報告










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【議   案】


     第1号議案 2020年度活動報告     賛成 : 30  反対 : 0

     第2号議案 2020年度収支決算報告   賛成 : 30  反対 : 0

     第3号議案 理事・監事・役員等選任の件  賛成 : 30  反対 : 0

     第4号議案 2021年度行事計画     賛成 : 30  反対 : 0

     第5号議案 2021年度収支計画     賛成 : 30  反対 : 0


【結   果】







     名誉会員:2021年7月ジュリアンF.バート氏就任※2021年6月末 理事及び副会長ご退任

     名誉会員:2021年7月 細川悦男氏就任 2021年7月会長退任



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July, 2021


Dear members,

JASO Executive Office

Japan-America Society of Osaka





The report of 2021 Directors’ Meeting


We hope this letter finds you well. Thank you very much for your continued support of JASO.

As we informed you the other day, we have cancelled 2021 General Meeting and Social Gathering and conducted only Directors’ Meeting this year. Directors(30 in total) attended Directors’ Meeting or submitted “Form of Proxy” and “Letter of Attorney. In the meeting, settled account report and election of officers were conducted and Mr. Hidetaka Yoshikawa was appointed as the new President. The bills and results are as follows.

The members are asked to confirm the resolution of Directors Meeting, which will be mailed early September, 2021. In this year, comprehensively considering the situation of the Covid-19, we tried the new way of activities and were able to proceed smoothly with every member’s cooperation. Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet directly, but it was a good opportunity to work on new activities that are in line with the times. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s great support and cooperation.





     1. 2020 activity report                 Pros: 30 Cons: 0

     2. 2020 settled account report             Pros: 30 Cons: 0

     3. Appointment of Directors, Treasures & Officers    Pros: 30 Cons: 0

     4. 2021 event’s plan                  Pros: 30 Cons: 0

     5. 2021 settled account plan              Pros: 30 Cons: 0




     All bills were passed in favor.


     Also, the Honorary President and Honorary Members were changed.

     Honorary President:July,2020  Mr. Richard Mei, Consul General, was appointed.

     Honorary Member :April,2021  Mr. Katsuo Inabata passed away.

     Honorary Member :July, 2021  Mr. Julian F. Burt was appointed.

     ※Retirement from Director and Vice President at the end of June, 2021

     Honorary Member :July, 2021  Mr. Yoshio Hosokawa was appointed.

     ※Retirement from Director at the end of July, 2021



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