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フィールド・トリップのご案内 Field Trip in Kyoto and Yamzaki Distillery








日時:   2013年4月6日(土) 集合「阪急大宮駅B1東改札口」10:00出発 


スケジュール:  10:0010:30 貸切バスで平野神社へ移動 

                             10:3011:30 自由行動 平野神社の桜を鑑賞 

                             11:3013:00 昼食 「上七軒くろすけ」

                             13:0014:00 貸切バスでサントリー山崎蒸溜所へ移動

                             14:3016:00 サントリー山崎蒸溜所見学&ウイスキーセミナー

会費:   会員 \5,000/非会員 \7,000 (バス代、昼食代を含む)

定員:   40名(申込順に受け付け)

服装:   動きやすい服装・歩きやすい履物 








Field Trip in Kyoto

“Hirano Shrine’s Cherry Blossom and Suntory Yamazaki Distillery”




     We are organizing a Field Trip “Hirano Shrine’s Cherry Blossom and Suntory Yamazaki Distillery” on Saturday, April 6, 2013.  In the morning, we will visit Hirano-Shrine, Kyoto, particularly famous for its magnificent cherry blossom with more than 400 cherry trees, some of which are from the Heian period.  We will have lunch at “Kurosuke,” a Japanese restaurant in a beautiful ochaya setting some 120 years old, located in the Kami-shichi-ken district where you might spot a Maiko-san walking down a narrow passage between old houses.  After the lunch we will move to Suntory’s Yamazaki Distillery by a chartered bus, and we will have a guided-tour about the production of whisky, followed by a special seminar including tasting of some of the whiskies just taken out from the casks.



     This event is limited to 40 people on a first-come-first-served basis, and the entry will be closed when the number of signees reaches 40.



Date & time:                Saturday, April 6 


                                  Meeting at the “East ticket gate”(Higashi Kaisatsu) in Hankyu Omia station  (B1) at 10:00 / breaking up at around 16:30


Schedule:                    10:0010:30 Move to Hirano-Shrine by a chartered bus 

                                    10:3011:30 Visiting Hirano-Shrine (free time)

                                    11:3013:00 Lunch at “Kurosuke” in Kami-shichi-ken

                                    13:0014:00 Move to Suntory Yamazaki Distillery by a chartered bus

                                    14:3016:00 Guided tour around Yamazaki Distillery and a special seminar


Fee:                            Member 5,000 yen / Non-member 7,000 yen


Availability:                 40on a first-come-first-served basis


Dress:                         Casual & walking shoes 


Please sign up by either Fax or Email using the form provided from JASO Executive Office.   

Signees will receive maps and a detailed schedule later.






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