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大阪日米協会「ゴルフ大会」のご案内(再掲) JASO Golf Competition(updated)










日時:      2013年6月2日(日) 雨天決行

集合時間:        9:00 (ティーオフ 9:59  アウトスタート4組)
場所:      有馬ロイヤルゴルフクラブ<ロイヤルコース>

         Tel: 078-958-0121

※ 会場地図、ルールなどの詳細は、後日参加の方々にご連絡いたします。



We are pleased to announce the annual Golf Competition as below: 


Date & time:    Sunday, June 2, 2013 (Rain or shine)
                          Teeing off at 9:59 a.m. (on the front side)
                          You are kindly requested to arrive at the club by 9:00 a.m.
Course:            The Arima Royal Golf Club “Royal Course”

                          Tel: 078-958-0121


Sign-up:           Please contact JASO Executive Office at jaso@suntory.co.jp by April 30.

Please note: the number of places available is 16.  If we have more than 16 signees, we will have a draw.


Further information such as the access map and the rule will be sent to the participants later.



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